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Enterprise Messaging Gateway

Connectivity solution to stay in touch with Employees and Partners - Notification and Response

Enterprise Messaging (EMG) is an end-to-end group notification and messaging solution that works seamlessly with most business notification applications to enable enhanced wireless notification and response features

Benefits of Enterprise Messaging

  • Increase communication effectiveness with delivery confirmations and long message capability
  • Save time using by sending notifications to large groups
  • Plan ahead with the Scheduled Message Delivery function
  • Manual and automated messaging tools to address a variety of implementations and uses:
    1. A variety of API and messaging protocols: SNPP, WCTP, SMTP
    2. Web portal for group notification, message management and reports
    3. PC and Outlook integration with access to enterprise address book
  • Delivery and response tracking in all messaging tools enables end-to-end communications
  • Excel Bulk Messaging delivery to groups
  • Compatible with any Sprint device capable of receiving text messages for massive reach
Sign up now!   or contact your Sprint Account Representative to get an EMG account.

Download the Sprint Enterprise Messaging app to your Android device for enhanced features and message handling capabilities.